arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

STARDUST -- the movie

Friday, John and I slipped out of the house, leaving the sleeping children with our intrepid babysitter Logan, and went to see STARDUST.
I have waited eagerly for movies for years, and seldom has a movie I’ve been especially anticipating lived up to my hopes. (I don’t count a few of the recent big fantasy/superhero blockbusters, everyone has waited for. I mean movies I, personally, have been waiting for.)  STARDUST is a clear exception!

After waiting for over a year, following all the pre-release stuff Neil Gaiman posted on his blog, I finally got to see the movie, and it was even more delightful that I had hoped. It had all the charm of the book, plush one or two nice touches that were not in the book. ( A few nice things were left out, but I forgive them.)
The movie is much in the same spirit as PRINCESS BRIDE. It is not as funny or witty, but has wonderful magic and wonder to it. Michelle Pfeiffer plays an evil witch and De Niro plays a Space Pirate with a  bad reputation.

The movie is filled with magic and charm, and I strongly recommend it.
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