arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Boycotting Newsweek

Newsweek's headline this week read:  "The Case for Killing Granny: Why curbing excessive end-of-life care is good for America."

...Huh?  Bah???

Since when did it become anyone else's business what an older person does with their money? Since when did we put "national interests" before private life?

The Good of the Many outweighs the Good of the One...isn't that exactly what every Star Trek movie is against?


The answer, sadly, is: since we decided that private insurance companies deciding what they can and cannot cover isn't good enough.

This is why I have always been frightened by the idea of National Healthcare...not because I don't want everyone taken care of, I do! But because I don't trust the government--the guys who don't run a whole lot of others things correctly--to be the ones deciding who lives and who dies.

If we can decide not to support the medical needs of one group, why not another? Will we soon decide that people needing long-term medical care from their youth on also should not be supported? After all, they'll cost even more in the end, and it's the tax payers dollar.

What about Xtreme sports. People get hurt. Better not.

What about smoking. Leads to sickness, better outlaw it.

What about swimming pools. Children drown. Better have them all paved.

After all, it's the tax payer's dollar.

With a private system, there are cracks, but there isn't genocide.

I must take a moment here to explain that I, personally, am not in favor of extensive end-of-life care. Both as a Christian Scientist and as someone who has worked as a hospice volunteer, it is not something that I feel is a good idea...but I also don't think that gives me the right to tell other people what decisions they should make with their life.

Interestingly, the argument in the article is "We're spending $66.8 billion dollars in Medicare on the last two years of people's lives"...isn't that an argument against medicare, rather than an argument for National Health Care? 

Overall, it is a terribly difficult subject...all the harder for the kindhearted, like me, who really want everyone to do and be well...but when even before we have National Health Care, we're already talking about killing elderly and unborn children...that is frightening.

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