arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Harry Potter -- No Spoilers

Saturday morning at 1am, I acquired our copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. John and I had read all the other books aloud together, and we wanted this one to be no exception...except we had two problems:

1) We have a house guest arriving Wednesday.

2) Spoilers

Last time a Harry Potter book came out, John was at the barber, with his hands under a cloth and a razor at his head when M-TV announced the identity of the Half-Blood Prince, who killed who, and who hooked up.  Unable to raise his hands to cover his ears, the surprises were spoiled for him.

Another friend had an even worse experience. John could have covered his ears had he been free to move his arms...M-TV gave a moment of warning...but another friend was at a convention where people where wearing shirts that said who killed who and on what page. No warning. No chance to cover his eyes.

Our friend Nancy was the first one to alert me to the danger. She mentioned that she was afraid to leave the house this weekend. By Sunday morning, the same thing was happening to me. I dreaded going to the grocery store or out to the park, in fear that a newspaper would blurt something out on a headline or that a passerby would make a comment that would ruin the fun.

And after so many years of carefully piecing the clues together, I wanted to be able to make it through the book and see what I could figure out. I didn't want anything to ruin it.

So...we stayed up until 5am.

I cannot even recall the last time I stayed up until 5. Maybe I did it once or twice in college. I'm unbelievably lucky that the children have been content to watch TV and play computer games by themselves this morning. I slogged downstairs to feed them breakfast, but immediately went back to bed and left them on their own after that. Many a morning this would not have worked...but God has been merciful.

I won't say anything else...except that I feel it was worth it. ;-)


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