arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Jane Austen Sequels...and Harry

The week, during which my mother is away sailing with her brother (and therefore not watching my kids to allow me time at the computer) is nearly at a close, so I may soon see the computer again (not that a week spent with the children was not great fun! But it did not involve much in the way of posting.)

We invited some friends over last night for a Harry-Potter bash pre-party and had a wonderful time eating chocolate and brie and drinking sparkling cider. The children dressed up in black robes with wizard hats, owls, and the like...and all looked adorable, though they were seriously drooping by midnight (with the exception of the charming and alert Stephen, who looked fantastic in his black robe, taped glasses, and spiky hair and who managed to disappear towards midnight and require the whole store to be closed down while they searched for him -- only to be found again still in the best of spirits.) 

During the party at the bookstore, the subject of Jane Austen sequels came up and I was reminded that I had meant to post a link to the comprehensive list of Austen sequels. I was amazed at the number of sequels on this list, including one by Once and Future King author T.H. White. This site both lists the books and makes a brief comment about them. Pemberly Shades is mentioned as one of the best sequels.

And now...back to Harry Potter!

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