arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

"Hey! I've got a cure for crowded classrooms! Let's kill the next generation!"

A friend sent me an article about Christian teachers troubles with the National Education Association. The article is here, if you wish to read it...but this is the part that leapt out at me.

Also, the NEA voted down a resolution that called for the group to take "no position" on the issue of abortion.  Currently, the NEA uses the dues money from members to advocate and support lobby groups battling for the "right to choose."  Had this resolution passed, the NEA would have been unable to commit any dues money of members to causes that have anything to do with the abortion debate.  Instead, they would have had to use that money on something issues actually pertaining to education.

Teachers...killing kids.  Teachers.

Whether or not one feels that a person should be allowed to do such a thing...surely TEACHERS should not be the people supporting them!

Eeks, Egreek, Zed!
(which, in case you don't recognize it, is X,Y, Z in French. It sounds better said aloud.)
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