arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

The Mad Bomber the Cherubim

Does anyone know if there is something like Youtube for children?

The Cherubim loves to watch Thomas videos on Youtube. He loves surfing through and picking the videos to watch, so while we can download videos, he is not as happy with them.

Yesterday, I heard him shouting: "Oh, no! Oh, no!"...which is not that odd, as that is his favorite thing to say. But this sounded upset. So I ran in to find him watching a Thomas and the Mad Bomber video--a fan made video where someone blows up Thomas and his friends. I navigated him away from that video, but he seemed to end up back at it several times. Finally, I sat in the room with him an discovered the Mad Bomber video was marked "featured video".  It was coming up on top.

I wish there were a way he could watch these videos without the bad fan versions showing up.

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