arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Boys Will Be Girls and Girls Will Be Boys


There’s a question that has been on my mind of late that I do not hear anyone asking. Our culture has asked the question: could male and female behavior be learned instead of from nature. Because of this, we have been making efforts to raise our girls to be like men and our boys to be like women. But, I have not heard anyone ask the opposite question:

Is there such a thing as raising a child incorrectly?


Can you raise a dog to act like a cat? A horse to act like a dog? A duck to act like a pig. Often, nature intervenes with animals, and they go back to their normal racial behavior as they get older…but we all know of at least one dog that acted like a cat or visa versa.


So…what about children?


The question not being asked is: if some traits of the two sexes are nature rather than nurture…what happens when you deliberately try to train them to act against their normal nature?


One only needs to look at the percentages of things like: the number of guys who play violent video games vs. the number who read romance novels, and visa versa for woman, to see that there is, in fact, a difference. And yet, we know that the number of women who play violent video games…and who commit violent crimes and end up in prison for it…has been doing up.


The question no one seems to be asking is: is this good? Or are we doing something wrong? Animals teach their young behaviors specific to their species. Is there a good reason for this?


Was there a reason our ancestors taught boys to be men and girls to be women?



It’s something that’s been worrying me recently.

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