arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

New Clothes

This Sunday, I was sitting in church, and I noticed that there were pen marks on my shorts. Some of my shirts have stains, too. So, after church, I commented on this to John:

Me: "I'm thinking of buying some new clothes. I haven't bought new clothes in..."

Long period of silence while John and I try to think of the last time I've bought new clothes. Not just a pair of pants because I literally did not have a single pair, but a number of garments at a time.

John, finally, replies decisively: "You've never bought new clothes."

This is not entirely true. After much searching of my memory, I recalled that I bought half a dozen new shorts and dressed about ten or fifteen years ago. And I bought three or four garments before going to Arizona when Juss was a baby, about five years ago. Oh, and there was the time I bought sweatshirts. It was before Christmas, so all my sweatshirts have Santa on them.

But other than this, I cannot recall a time I've bought more than the one garment I particularly needed at the time since I got married...okay, I had never bought clothes before that either.

I don't think I've ever really "bought clothes"...except the two times mentioned above.*

*In case anyone is wondering "then what does she wear"?  My aunt worked at Sax Fifth Avenue. She provided a lot of my clothes when I was young. Then, my mom bought them. Then, co-workers gave me an entire wardrobe they could not longer use, and so did my sister-in-law. And then my mom worked at Talbot, and she'd give me clothes for presents. So, yes, I do wear clothes. I do not negotiate life in the all-together...but not much clothes buying here.

On the other hand, I do own a ridiculous among of clothes!  But many of them are very, very old.
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