arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,


In the recent issue of Locus, in an article about urban fantasy and paranormal romance, I read:

"(I know right now you are saying -- "Monogamous?" Well, yes -- in romance, the heroine does not sleep around, at least within the pages of any one given novel. That rule was a surprise to me, too -- the things you learn from your colleagues!)"

To which I responded: "Kaa...bah?"

Blink. Blink. anyone else out there surprised that characters in romances are monogamous? Does anyone else expect that all heroines have to sleep around? Is there some subtext here I am missing? 

My favorite romance author, Mary Balogh, once wrote a book where the main character was a working prostitute. (I have never found it to read it, but I hear it's out there.) But that is the only exception I've ever heard of -- though who knows nowadays, seems like anything goes. But...


It's a romance...a story about a man and a woman coming together in the space of one book. Has our culture really come to the point where we require an entire paragraph to explain why the heroine is monogamous?

Eek, egreek, zed!!!!! 

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