arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Star Trek


I was quite dubious of the STAR TREK trailer. Frankly, it looked awful, as if the movie would not be in the spirit of STAR TREK at all. But, underneath, I was vaguely hopeful because I recalled that ever trailer for the show ANGEL I ever saw made the upcoming show look bad, but they were often really good.


Then, I heard the premise: that within the storyline itself, this version was an alternate time line. Suddenly, all my objections disappeared, for I thought: Well, whatever they do with these guys, they’ve got to be more like the originals than the evil bearded versions from the Mirror Mirror universe.


But I was still nervous. STAR TREK had been my favorite show as a kid. I LOVED Spock. I talked about Spock, played Spock, and wanted to dress like Spock. This desire was impeded by my mom’s old fashion belief that a young girl should never wear black pants. (Black pants were apparently racy.) It was hard to be Spock without black pants, but I could still wear a blue sweat shirt and I cut my bangs like Spock’s. Our favorite game, which we played for years, was Young Enterprise: the Enterprise crew as kids. I was Spock. My cousin Ariel was Kirk. My brother Law was Sulu, who we, for some reason, called Shrimp. Oh, and I also had a bit of a crush on Checkov.


So, with some trepidation we went to see the movie.


It was awesome.


It was made of awesome and ate awesome ice cream for dinner.


This movie was the best STAR TREK since old STAR TREK! (And I really like some of the later STAR TREK.) The guy playing Spock was Spock and they got the real McCoy, seriously…not just a pun. What’s more, there’s even a scene when the guys were On The Bounce. So it was super good STAR TREK and better Starship Troopers than STARSHIP TROOPERS.


 Did I mention awesome? 

I loved it.

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