arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

"I miss him so much!"

Some of you may remember the antics of Arko, Juss's invisible brother who popped out on Noah's Ark. Juss had dozens of invisible brothers, but none of them have been as omnipresent as Arko. Many of Arko's adventures and sayings appeared on this blog, including Arko's Ten Commandments.

Tonight, Juss cried for twenty minutes--not fake crying, but real wracking tears-- because he can't talk to Arko any more. Arko lives in the same house, Juss reports, but he no longer had time to talk to him. (I think this was Juss who no longer had time to talk to Arko.) He cried that Arko had been such a good friend, and said over and over that he missed him.

I love Arko, too. For years, I've been talking about how much I would miss him when he was finally gone. I haven't cried yet, but it's a close thing. My shirt is still all wet from Juss's tears.
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