arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Replacing Dalmatians

I came down this morning and Juss asked me what a plantation was.

I came down this morning, and Juss asked me what a plantation was. I explained, and he asked what a Dalmatian was.


Mommy: “Did you watch 101 Dalmatians this weekend with Uncle Bill while Mommy was away?”


Juss: “Yes. And what about fire dogs?”


Mommy: “They were Dalmatian’s, too.”


Juss: “Were?


Mommy: “They don’t have them any more.”


Juss: “Why not?

Mommy: “Well…I guess they don’t need them anymore.”


Juss: “What did they do?”


Mommy, a bit puzzled, recalls something about dogs smelling smoke. “Um…help them find fires and other stuff like that.”


Juss, losing interest and turning away, “Nowadays, they have GPS’s.”
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