arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Fairy Joy

We have fallen in love with Disney's Pixie Hollow...all of us!

Now, mind you, I live in a house with four men: John the manly husband, Orville, the Cherubim, and Juss -- surely the mos t boyish of boys. And yet...every one of the family (well, the Cherubim hasn't done it yet, but we plan to give him the opportunity today) has been busy designing fairies at Pixie

Oh, we've played a little, but like City of Heroes, where my kids like to make superheroes but are only slightly interested in playing them, the real interest is making fairies -- picking hair color, hair style, clothing, etc and then printing them out!

Printing them out is the real draw. We taped them up in the living room and now have a wall entirely covered by pictures of fairies with their names -- drawn from the clever naming system the folks at Disney came up with -- printed over heads. We have, among others:

Olive Airmist
Foxglove Eveningflame
Serindipity Wondertoes

Unfortunately, you can only make three fairies at a time...but there is no end to the number of accounts you can have. Not a wise way to handle it, if you ask me.

One day, someone's going to catch on and just provide the cool costume--making functions as it's own game. (Yes, I realizes one of the Simms does something like that.)

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