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The Attack On The Past and Children

The new law meant to stop children from getting lead poison makes it illegal to sell children's books published before 1985 -- even at thrift shops or yard sales -- so stores are throwing them out!!!

Here's more.

Why in the world couldn't some guy have penned in, "Oh, books are okay." Children seldom eat them...and this is coming from someone whose children have eaten a great deal more paper than most!

More info:  The Common Room

Bookstore fighting back: you have to page down.

And a bit more.

Here's my question:
 Why 12? Why not 6? 
Other than my son, who is a special case, what 8, 10, or 12 year old goes around eatting their stuff?  Paint, I understand, but zippers? Bikes!!!  What kid eats his bike parts? (And if he does he has a worse problem than lead poisoning.) Even ball point pens may be in danger.

(This info courtesy of Tiny Mammoth. There is more info in the discussion there.)
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