arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Musical Education

Once again, listening to musicals with the children provides endless oportunities for education....but we are beginning to be amused at how much of the seedy side of life is revealed in musicals. First, the father from My Fair Lady, then the gamblers of Guys and Dolls, then the con man of Music Man. Now, it's the thieves of Oliver!

There's a lot in Oliver that's awfully hard to explain . I kind of skip the song about Mr. Bumble trying to get his assistant to sit on his lap. (I swear we didn't do that one in High School.) Though it is comforting to hear the children disagree with Fagen ("I'd rather break my back than pick a pocket!")

But there are very sad parts in Oliver!, too. Luckily, the children don't know enough to ask about lines like:

Though you sometimes do come by
The occasional black eye
You can always cover one
'Til he blacks the other one
But you don't dare cry!

Makes one's own problems seem much lighter!

So...what's your favorite musical?

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