arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

No Point Reading the News

I notice that when things change, you see a news article about it, and then a bunch more that don't seem to know that it has happened.

Like Global Cooling. A few articles came out showing that it was cooling...even Old Farmer's Almanac...but this doesn't stop the EU from passing grueling laws to stop Global Warming.

Or Polar Bears. Everywhere I read about how the lack of ice flows is going to harm the Polar Bears (though I also read that after shrinking for over 100 years, the glaciers in Alaska actually grew this year.) But the one article I read discussing someone who actually went and checked on the Polar Bears...turned out they were thriving! (Who would think slightly warmer weather might be good for a mammal?) Perhaps, Polar Bears only live on ice flows because they gotta.

This on top of the fact that John learned yesterday that Nuclear Winter -- the great scare of the 80s -- was invented by a Russian Spy in order to keep the West from building more missile. Apparently, he fed the idea (possibly indirectly) to Carl Sagan, who fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. That's...creepy.

Any other subjects you guys see being bandied about, despite possible evidence to the contrary?


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