arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Betting On The Doctor

This amused me so much, I had to post it...after a weekend of watching Guys and Dolls with the boys and talking about horse races and the evils of gambling, I came across this:

Who will replace David Tennant as Doctor Who?   Click here and get a FREE £20 BET   
3/1        Paterson Joseph
5/1        David Morrissey
6/1        James Nesbitt
8/1        John Simm
10/1      Russell Tovey
10/1      Anthony Head
14/1      Robert Carlyle
14/1      Richard E. Grant
16/1      Alan Davies
18/1      Jason Statham
18/1      Aidan Gillen
18/1      Harry Lloyd
20/1      Nigel Harman
20/1      Julian Walsh
20/1      Ben Wishaw
25/1      Stephen Fry
33/1      John Barrowman
33/1      Paul Bettany
100/1    Russell Brand

I hope they do go with Paterson Joseph -- but only if they give him a booted cat for a companion.  Anthony Head would be cool, too!

I must admite I cannot imagine either Stephen Fry or Paul Bettany as The Doctor.
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