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Fantastic Schools and Where to Find Them

Hello, All! I am involved in a new blog called Fantastic Schools and Where to Find Them. The blog is maintained by myself, indie author and homeschooler Cedar Sanderson, and top-selling indie author Christopher G. Nuttall.

Here is the opening post:

Welcome to Fantastic Schools and Where To Find Them, a discussion of all things scholarly and magical. Many people mistakenly believe that the magical school experience begins and ends with Harry Potter. Stick around, and we will introduce you to whole new universes of the scholarly fantastic.

Here you will find articles on enchantment, schooling, and other topics of interest–plus reviews, signal boosts, and others news about series and shows that contains schools of magic.

Regular posts will be by your hosts, Christopher G. Nuttall, Cedar Sanderson, and L. Jagi Lamplighter, with guest posts by other luminaries in the YA fantasy and related fields.

Welcome one, welcome all, to Fantastic Schools and Where to Find Them, the new home of magic!

Visit Fantastic Schools and Where to Find Them!

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