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What are the Twelve Things You'd Most Like Your Children to Know?

Okay, Folks,

I could use your help here.

I was skating along today, bemoaning the fact that I just didn't know if I was getting certain moral ideas through to my kids, and I realized that I had a wonderful opportunity to do just that! I'm running a roleplaying game with my kids and a friend and I realized I could send them on a Pilgrim's Progress-like journey where they visited places that required them to learn/exhibit various moral qualities. My mom told me stories something like this when I was a kid...a series of stories that had different connected adventures. I was five and I still remember them. So, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime!

The game we are running has some 'unused real estate' a place called the Moral Realm that has 12 cities in it. Nothing more than this is known about the Moral Realm. So, I've decided to send the kids on a journey through this realm that will take them through these twelve places. Each place will represent something like "Loving others" or "Honesty" and will contain a heraldic creature (for Orville's Pokemon Trainer to capture) that will represent one of the 12 Boy Scout virtues. (What better way to help him learn the Scout Law?)

So, my question is: what should these twelve things be? What twelve ideas/virtues/commandments-Beatitudes/principles would you most want to put across to your children?

I should add: Don't feel you have to list 12!  Even the five things, or the one thing, you most think you would want a child to know would be welcomed!


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