arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Wake up. Shower?...No!

We're having work done in our house, so the place looks like a war zone. Half the stuff is packed up, and the stuff that is not packed needs packing. Part of the work required that we dismantle our waterbed on Saturday. Then, last night, we filled it again to sleep on for the two weeks, even though we will have to dismantle it once or twice more yet. The boys frame has been taken apart and their mattress is currently on the floor.

I got up early to run some errands this morning, but then went to take a nap. The Cherubim woke me up a few hours later with his gentle, polite, "Wake up." When I got up and asked him what he wanted, he said "Shower?" Puzzled, I followed him to the bathroom.

He had taken the hose, which was still duct taped to the showerhead nozzle, and run it down the hall and through his room to stick the end in between his matress and box springs. He wanted me to turn on hose so he could fill his mattress...possibly to make it come up to it's normal height...I don' t know.

When he heard me telling his uncle how clever he was, he gave me a big smile.

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