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01:43 pm: The Wright Stuff!

We now have a shop at Zazzle. There are collections there with items from the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment, the Prospero's Children (Daughter) series, Tales of Moth and Cobweb, and the general writings of John C. Wright.

At the suggestion of teen author and superfan April Freeman, the shop is called:


The Wright Stuff


Want Mephisto on a shirt?


Or Miranda?


Mab on a mouse pad?


Dread to guard your head? (With Gaius the Grumpy Sheep on the back)


A cheer weasel bag or two to keep your spirits up? (Art by April Freeman)

cheer_bag_large_tote_bag-r7d88e5ddb3df4369b79c7802033fe31e_v9w72_8byvr_512 got_cheer_bag-rdb145b8542f341f0a0b215e066592e0b_v9w6h_8byvr_512

Rachel Griffin on a mug? (Two choices)

rachel_and_the_angel_two_tone_coffee_mug-r2fcde9471207459cb81883215783b85d_x7j1l_8byvr_512 rachel_aloft_two_tone_coffee_mug-ra7e5e3d2c210424aa92b9f14c02cdc3d_x7j1l_8byvr_512 

Maybe you are grumpy in the morning and you want something that compliments your mood. Try Gaius the Grumpy Sheep!



Or maybe you like your hot drinks spicier–with Loralie from Iron Chamber of Memory?


And in case all that coffee keeps you AWAKE IN THE NIGHT LAND…


Time is running out to escape the Dark Tower!


But we might survive if we can only Know Everything!

know_everything_green_t_shirt-r606bcc5c077b4daa9e29422ba42ca0d4_jf4s8_512 know_everything_t_shirt-r9ab30356e68947b2b5c85e133bec2951_jf4s8_512


Lot's more at The Wright Stuff

John C. Wright Collection

Prospero Collection

Roanoke Academy Collection

Moth and Cobwebs Collection


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Date:September 20th, 2016 06:57 pm (UTC)
Your icon here, and that lovely icon you use on livestreams would also be good adornments.
[User Picture]
Date:September 21st, 2016 03:27 am (UTC)
I love this one...but I don't own it. But the other one is an old Harper's Bazaar drawing. I'm pretty sure that is in the public domain (which is why I use it.)

I should check that out for sure. ;-)
[User Picture]
Date:September 21st, 2016 07:28 am (UTC)
I'm not sure when such stuff falls out of copyright. 1921 or before should be good but it gets fuzzy after that.

While I was fruitlessly looking for an answer relevant to Harpers, I tripped over this!


[User Picture]
Date:September 22nd, 2016 04:08 am (UTC)
Wow! Cool!

I'm pretty sure the early Harper's stuff is public domain. I'll do something with it closer to Christmas.
Date:October 11th, 2016 06:19 pm (UTC)

Got a couple of shirts for presents

I plan to give a couple of the shirts I got as Christmas presents, with the paperback Moth & Cobweb books, I hope. 🙏
[User Picture]
Date:October 11th, 2016 06:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Got a couple of shirts for presents

Thank you!

Not sure when the paperback Moth & Cobweb is due, but I'll pass on the Christmas idea!
Date:October 12th, 2016 10:02 am (UTC)

Got a couple of shirts for presents

I plan to give a couple of the shirts I got as Christmas presents, with the paperback Moth & Cobweb books, I hope. 🙏
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