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Making Distinctions Where Distinctions Are Due

Just heard a term I really like: Alt-Left

The Alt-Left (a.k.a. SJW, SJZ, Social Justice Warriors, Social Justice Zealots, Social Justice Zombies, and crybullies) do not believe in free speech. tolerating people who disapprove of their ideas, or that the races should be treated equally. (They just convinced the University of California to offer race segregated housing. Poor Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. must be spinning in his grave. Perhaps this is a secret plan to create an perpetual motion machine by attaching a generator to the unfortunate reverend and his fellow Civil Rights leaders.)

They are the Alt-Left, because they are entirely a different group from the Left:

The Left are Liberals, i.e. people who are, well, liberal. They believe in freedom, free speech, toleration, treating everyone equally, regardless of race. They are open-minded, so much so that whatever you tell them, they will response: 

“Nothing you can say will offend me.”

This is directly opposed to the Alt-Left, who even take offense at kindly meant comments, such as “Excuse me, sir,” or God bless you."

I should add: The reasons I like this term are three-fold:

1) It makes it clear that the two groups mentioned above are separate groups.

2) It is not complementary. Come on. If you didn't know what it meant, who would not want to be a Social Justice Warrior! It sounds like a superhero. I know people who have signed on and call themselves SJWs who are nothing like what other people mean by the term.

3) And, most important to me, it is not insulting. Unlike terms like crybabies and the new Ctl-Left (as in Ctl-Left, Alt-Right, Delete), it doesn't insult the people who hold these believes. I might not agree with them, but I don't like insulting a person just for holding a belief. Also, a person might hold such believes and not themselves be a crybully. I am often annoyed that there isn't a term for referring to these ideas that isn't insulting.



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