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The Last Flight of Odin’s One Hundred — LIVE!!!

Hey Folks!

My short story, The Last Flight of Odin's Hundred, is now live on Sci Phi Journal.


Read here — firedrake star jets vs star serpents!

This short story takes place in the same greater background as the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment and as Ring of Sounding Brass, the short story in God, Robot. It is one of my few science fiction stories, though, like Ring of Sounding Brass, there is a mystical element to the background world.

Leif the Fortunate is charged with stopping the forces of the Dread King, including the star serpents controled by Lief's personal nemesis and his star serpents. Leif and Odin's Hundred are in the midst of a to-the-death space battle, when a universe-wide game-changing events changes everything.

The story stars two characters who are minor characters in the general background–though one is called by a different name at Roanoke. 

There is also a brief mention-cameo by Lady Trilby Moth (the Elf King's character.)

Go by and take a look, check out Sci Phi Journal. You'll find lots of high quality, thoughtful science fiction. 

If you enjoy what you see, please consider supporting Sci Phi Journal on Patreon.



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