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Bring the Lightning — New Western by Peter Grant!

Today is the day! 

For all you lovers of Westerns and fans of Peter Grant. 

His first Western is now live!

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Buy on Amazon now!

Successful science fiction author Peter Grant has branched out in a new diretion. In BRINGS THE LIGHTNING, he has revived the classic Western novel. A renaissance man of a wide range of experience not unlike Louis L'Amour, Grant has been a man of war and a man of God, a soldier, a pastor, and a prison chaplain. His writing reflects his experience of Man's capacity for both good and evil, but never without a sense of optimism about Man's ability to learn from his mistakes.


When the Civil War ends, where can a former Confederate soldier go to escape the long memories of neighbors who supported the winning side? Where can Johnny Reb go when he can't go home? 

He can go out West, where the land is hard, where there is danger on every side, and where no one cares for whom you fought – only how well you can do it. 

Walt Ames, a former cavalryman with the First Virginia, is headed West with little more than a rifle, a revolver, and a pocket full of looted Yankee gold. But in his way stand bushwhackers, bluecoats, con men, and the ever-restless Indians. And perhaps most dangerous of all, even more dangerous than the cruel and unforgiving land, is the temptation of the woman whose face he can't forget. 

When you can’t go home again – go West!

The ebook is now live.

Paper will be available, hopefully within a month.


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