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Prospero Lost

Just got the blurb on Prospero Lost that my agent is using for publicity purposes. Here it is:

Prospero Lost


by L. Jagi Lamplighter


In a trilogy of books derived from Shakespeare’s beloved, classic play, The Tempest, L. Jagi Lamplighter creates a uniquely individual style that blends the best elements of Neil Gaiman and C. S. Lewis, Roger Zelazny and Lloyd Alexander while creating a magical world that stretched from contemporary times back through history and into the realms of magic and the fantastic.


For many centuries the family of the Dread Magician Prospero have used the mystic arts to defend the frail human world against the untamed supernatural powers of the spirit world....

But now Prospero is missing, his children have quarreled and only the lovely Miranda remains loyal, while the Three Shadowed Ones, servants of Hell, have emerged to hunt them all—for the dark spirits lust after the power contained in their nine magical staffs. Miranda is torn when her long-lost love, Ferdinand, reappears, for if Miranda marries, her siblings will age and die as other men do. Ferdinand’s rival for her hand is the mysterious elf-lord Astreus Stormwind, who promises her wonders, but who cannot be trusted. Only if Miranda discovers the ancient secret of the Sybil, will she be free to choose love without risking the loss of her family.


Miranda must rescue Prospero before Twelfth Night, but she cannot do it alone. With the aid of her company gumshoe, a spirit of the air inhabiting a physical body, she sets out to gather her wayward brothers and sister. Since Mephisto is mad, Titus is missing, and Gregor is dead, this is not going to be easy. Her quest takes Miranda to places as varied as present day Chicago, Prospero’s enchanted island, the North Pole, and, ultimately, Hell itself.


Prospero’s Daughter is a tale of action and mystery and humor. It explores the themes of family loyalty and freedom versus slavery in a world of wonder and magic. Written in three volumes, Prospero’s Daughter is a single, intertwined tale. In the course of Miranda’s journey, she uncovers secrets–some disturbing, some glorious–about her family and herself, secrets that rock the very foundation of her world. Suddenly, nothing is as it seemed, and even her own judgment is suspect. Despite this, Miranda must navigate this tangled labyrinth of mysteries and deceptions, if she wishes to save her father and gain her heart’s desire.

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