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Mab’s Handy Guide To Surviving the Supernatural — Dragon World Tour

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Hey Folks,

Mab Boreal here. You know me—the Northeast Wind who works for Prospero Inc. as a company gumshoe.

It has come to my attention that many of you are woefully uninformed about dragons. More innocent tourists get eaten every day. Yeah, they blame on natural disasters, terrorists and outbreaks of disease, but we all know its dragons.

Well, not all of it. There are a lot of other nasties out there. But dragons eat more and more people every year.

So, my assistant and I have headed out on a special world tour. We’re checking out the dragons in each part of the world and giving you a few pointers on how to avoid a fiery, roasted death.

Without further ado, today’s report from the Dragon World Tour!



Name:  Wyvern

Description:   A lot like the Classical Western, except it only has wings and back feet. No hands or forward arms.

Might breath fire. Might just have a poisonous breath or bite.

Wyverns have barbed tails. Sometimes, the barbs are poisoned. Sea-going wyvern have fish tails insead.

Wyvern, the word, comes from wyver, from Old French wivre, from the Latin v?pera—as in 'viper'.

Where To Find It: Mainly in Europe, though some have been spotted in Siberia or America. They live in mountains, hills, and wells. Really sucks when you go to get water, and a wyvern comes out of your well. Luckily, most people today get water out of faucets, and most wyverns can’t fit through there.

Though they did recently have a problem in Pennsylvania with wyverns running away from frackers and breathing out of people’s sinks.

Frequency: Semi-common. Often mistaken for oversized bat.

Danger Level:  Well, what do you think? Do I need to repeat the words FIRE and POISON?

Mab’s Eye View:  Look. Ugly critters. Nasty temper, too. They’re perpetually in a bad mood because they don’t got arms. Can’t blame ‘em. I would be, too.





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