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Rebel With a Wrong Cause: Speaking Truth to Power vs. Baiting A Chained Bear

Recently, I heard something I thought was quite interesting. Someone was talking about the idea that artists desire to “Speak truth to power.” (Alexandr Solzhenitsyn writing in spite of the Communist Regime in which he lived was given as an example of this.)  The speaker then went on to say that modern American artists are failing at this. They rip into the Administration…but in America, the government really doesn’t have any power over artists. The real power, their real masters, is our culture…our culture that says they have to conform to certain ideas.


Rebelling against Washington nowadays is really a lot like baiting a chained bear. It may make you feel friends …but it doesn’t make you brave. Taking on the PC establishment, however, that is a different matter.



I used to not believe that Hollywood had a liberal slant. I certainly don’t believe it as much as some people do, but recently, I had to concede that I was wrong that a slant was not present. I think one can determine that it is, at least a little, by asking oneself – whether you are Liberal or Conservative – the following question: How long has it been since you’ve seen a movie or TV show that portrayed things Conservative value sympathetically?


To pick one of the controversial issues -- but one that many of the Conservatives I know feel strongly about – when is the last time you saw a hero who disapproved of homosexuality?


Or was strongly religious? Or stood up for Boy Scout values? Or objected to drugs? Or disapproved of casual sex?  The hero…not the villain that the hero is overcoming?


When I looked at it that way, the slant seemed much clearer.

It does not require much courage to write stories insulting a guy everyone insults. It does take courage to stand up against the prevailing ideas of one's time.

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