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09:29 am: And one more. LOL

This one…from a comment on the Publisher's blog…made me laugh:


Just a warning: If you read this book, be prepared to have a positive feeling about life in general. Also watch out for a feeling of love and brotherhood and hope.

I was not ready for this, expecting a miserable depressing nihilistic lovecratian trip through pain and madness, instead I got something that made me feel like I can persevere through anything.




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Date:April 17th, 2014 07:23 pm (UTC)

That is increasingly rare in fiction of any media these days. Even if the good guys win, the best one can usually hope for is a Pyrrhic victory wherein all is lost but the battle itself. O dire circumstances! O angst!

Publishers seem to have forgotten that most people read for entertainment—although I'm sure there are those who do so in order to have their dismal view of the world confirmed.
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