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05:21 pm: Cool! A scanner!
Our new printer scans too. Here's my attempt to fix the ripped picture of Theseus of Avernus that the Cherubin pulled off the wall when he was three or four. You can kind of see the line where it ripped, but stil...cool!


I was going to make a comment about his appearances in my novel, but I guess all references to him appear in Chapter Two. So, he hasn't been mentioned yet in the stuff I've posted. Ah, well.... (though anyone who has read the second version of Chapter One has seen him already, but you don't find it's him until the end of Chapter Two.)


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Date:September 6th, 2008 10:05 am (UTC)
Scanners are great! Steve uses ours for war game/RPG props. Plus, try laying something 3-d and small on it (it's a flat-bed scanner, right?). That's how we got a decent picture of a 150-yr-old miniature for my book.
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Date:September 6th, 2008 01:06 pm (UTC)
That's really neat. You could scan the miniature? Wow! Is the book out yet? Once John's job starts (He has one, but he can't start until the security clearance comes through) I'd like to order one.

It's so cool being able to scan and copy at home. Particularly cool because the reason I'm scanning in this particular picture is that I lost the inked original.

I lost it at Kinkos when I tried to scan it there, couldn't figure out how to do it, (I'd never scanned before), no one would help me, and, in frustration, I left, leaving the picture in the scanner.

When I realized and called back, it was gone.

I do have the original pencil and could make another copy of that and ink it in, but the scan printed out pretty well. All I need to do is realing it at the torn spot at the bottom and it will be almost as good as new.
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