arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Juss the Kindergartener

Yes, hard as it is to believe. It has finally happened. Juss is in Kindergarten! He headed off Tuesday quite bravely but reported upon returning that Kindergarten was boring. Apparently, all they did the first day was talk about what they are going to do. Even in Gym (now called P.E.) You think they would have had the kids run around and throw balls at each other or something. No, they sat and listened to what the year would be like. Juss was excrusiatingly bored.

Wednesday, he got off the bus and, when asked about the day, replied, "Better." I'm hoping that by next week, he'll be enjoying it.

He was annoyed with me for putting in the little write up about his name that Juss came from a book. He wanted me only to tell about "real things". He said.

"I wanted to kepe that a secret. I wanted to tell them about that today. On red day!" 

Yesterday was brown day and, in his opinion, the wrong day for revealing that your nickname comes from a book.

Still, it's so much fun to see him go big he's gotten!  And so weird to have the day all to myself.

Better get about writing!


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