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Wonderfully Strange

When I was a child, I had two best friends, Dawn and Gina. I met Gina on her sixth birthday, when I was 5 1/2. I remember looking up at her snowman hat on the bus the first day she came to school. Then, I got home to find her at my house. My mother had met her mother and invited Gina to the ballet class she taught in our living room.

Dawn, I met in 7th grade, when I was twelve. She is, oddly, exactly a year and two days younger than Gina, so I was 1/2 a year older than her. She came from South Africa, wore her hair in pigtails, and dressed oddly. She had lace on her jeans. She also had a lovely accent. 

These girls were wonderful friends back then, and they are still wonderful friends now. Dawn ended up in Arizona where she worked as an economist and was often consulted by the media. Gina lives in Connecticut with her Dutch husband and little, two-year-old girl. 

Only...yesterday, Dawn arrived after driving across country and moved into an apartment in a lovely complex about 15 minutes from me! And two weeks ago, Gina and her husband came down for a job interview (he was interviewing the perspective employer, not the other way around. ;-) They may possibly move down here.

So, last night, after the kids went to sleep, while John was writing, I took my best friend from childhood out around the town. We wandered into the Breaking Dawn party at Barnes and Nobles by accident (filled with lovely girls in ballgowns making paper flowers.) We went to TGI Fridays...a place I hadn't been since I went with her and other friends over tweny years ago.

What a wonderful and strange world we live in!

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