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New book by Jonathan Moeller: GHOST IN THE MASK

Signal Boost for Mr. Jonathan Moeller


Hello all,
This is the new release newsletter of Jonathan Moeller – if you've wound up on this list by mistake, click on the link at the bottom of the page to unsubscribe.
I am pleased to report that GHOST IN THE MASK, the eighth book of the THE GHOSTS series, is now available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. (Availability on iTunes should come in a few weeks.) In GHOST IN THE MASK, Caina attempts to trace the origins of a weapon of terrible sorcery to a ruined, cursed city, only to realize the ancient weapons with in the ruins have the power to destroy the Empire and every other nation.
And as a special bonus for newsletter subscribers, GHOST OMENS, a short story set in the world of THE GHOSTS, is now available for $0.99 at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords (with iTunes availability in a few weeks). However, if you use this coupon code, you can get the story for free at Smashwords:
The coupon code is valid through September 22nd, 2013.
If you've never heard of the THE GHOSTS series before, you can get the first book, CHILD OF THE GHOSTS, for in ebook form free right here.
Finally, thank you to everyone who has read the THE GHOSTS books.



Jonathan Moeller



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