arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Curse Those Evil Octopi!

Okay, this has nothing to do with cursing octopi, but it's a great exclamation when one is frustrated. (It comes from Nihao My Concubine -- Ranma 1/2, the second movie.)

We had a wonderful time visiting the Rosenes on Friday. At one point, we got to talking about the recent Prince Caspian movie. "We haven't seen it yet, " Nancy said, "Steven's on book two, and we're finding it very slow going."

Prince Caspian, slow going? Steven's a super reader. I was shocked.

...but no. They were not reading Prince Caspian. They were reading The Horse and His Boy -- victims of the recent renumbering of the Narnia books which put them out in every order except the one they were released in.

I probably would not be so sad about these changes if I were not a writer. As a writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about scene order, about when to reveal something in order, verses flashbacks. When to reveal something up front, when to wait and use it to expand the readers enjoyment of the story. The idea of taking scenes meant to expand on what we know and putting them up front seems...disturbing.

It's not really the Horse and His Boy that bothers's thinking abou those people who are reading the Magician's Nephew first, instead of later, as a glimpse into the origins of a place you already know and love. 

Just seems wrong.

The Cherubim is in the other room repeating "I want peanutbutter" over and over again. Better go make him a sandwich."

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