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02:33 pm: Christmas is Coming…and advice is needed.

The wonderful Christmas largess from my father-in-law has arrived.  Juss finally will receive his well earned DS…which he's waited for for years.

So…I need to buy a DS and a laptop for my daughter…any suggestions as to where or what?

I was going to get Ping-Ping a used model…but she wants to pay for part of it and get a nice one.

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Date:December 11th, 2012 03:46 pm (UTC)

comp purchase advice

I will double check with Will, but he usually advises to go ahead and get whatever deal is available at Costco, Best Buy, or what-have-you on a new machine. Laptops are generally expected to last two to three years, so a used one is really not advisable. (Granted I tend to make my computers last more than the market expectations, but the rule of thumb is to use it until the battery/power supply goes belly up then invest in a new machine. After two years, replacing batteries is an inefficient use of your money given all the changes in software and hardware in that time.) That's why used is usually not worth it in computers.
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