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07:43 am: Magic Forever and Do Anything

The title phrase refers to my husband's youthful answer to the question: what would you wish for if you had three wishes. His answer: I would want to be magic forever and do anything, then I wouldn't need the second two wishes.

Assuming being magic forever and doing anything was NOT an option…what would you want magic to do?


I realize I asked this before, but still gathering info. In this particular case, the more specific the answers the better. Both "what would you want in daily life" and "what would you want in a battle fighting monsters or evil wizards" would be useful.



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Date:December 7th, 2012 02:15 am (UTC)
Comparmentalized mind...or splitting in two. My other background has that power. I don't think this one does...but, yeah...one thing I love reading about in Near Death Experiences is the fact that people in the afterworld seem to be able to do this...be in two or more places at once. (One experience I read claimed that Jesus could do this...by times a million...that he could be in millions of places at once. ;-)
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