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Women must be Men: Mourning the Lost of the “Spirit of Man”

When I was young, we all knew that the word ‘man’ meant everyone: men, women, children, etc. We all knew that 'he' in a document, meant us women, too. The language made sense to us, because it had always held that explanation.
Then came the idea that language was oppressing us. This week, I read a letter to my favorite magazine complaining that its articles still used the word Man to mean ‘the human race’ and would they please stop this, as it was degrading to women.
Meanwhile, in Hollywood, female performers now insist that they be called actors not actresses. Actress is demeaning.
When did it become demeaning to be female?
It is not people who call female performers actresses that I wish I could stop, but the people who believe that being an actress is not as good as being an actor…that one cannot be an actress. One must, in fact, be an actor.
Women cannot be women any more. We must be men. Or we’re not good enough.
No one wants to be an actress or a stewardess or a secretary. No one wants anything feminine, unless it is bawdily so, like defending a woman's rights to show her naked body in public or something.

Thank God – thanks to Disney – girls still want to be princesses!
And now, Man, which used to mean human being, doesn’t, and the beautiful words of the past are lost to us, no one understands them any more. No one wants or values the Spirit of Man.
Is there no longer hope for us all, ‘somewhere in the Spirit of Man’? Alas, Beth, apparently you died in vain. (I have no idea why there are Harry Potter visuals on this, but the song is just as beautiful and they are better than the other versions. You can always listen to it without watching.) 
Here is a longer version, with worse visuals, that explains the scene better, for those of you who are not already avid fans of War of The Worlds: the Musical. It include's Beth's wonderful line: "But they are not devils, they're Martians!"
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