arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Ravencon Again

Just got back from Ravencon, a science fiction convention in Richmond. It’s a small convention, but it has the advantage that we know many of the people who attend, so its like getting together with old friends.


I had six panels and managed to make them all, though I was late for the Sunday morning one (overslept due to the raining weather.)  They were great fun, as panels always are. I got to speak on Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Worldbuilding, two Anime panels, and one other that I cannot bring to mind at the moment.


Saturday, we had nothing to do from 12 to 6, so we crept out and went to see a movie. We saw Forbidden Kingdom, a Monkey King martial arts film with Jackie Chan and Jet Li…so much fun! Not a great movie by any standard, but I enjoyed it.


The most amusing part of our trip was the coupons. First we went to Starbucks, and they forgot our orders, so they gave us two free coffee coupons. Then, we went to Outback, and they were replacing their water heater, so they gave us two coupons for Bloomin’ Onions. So, we acquired four coupons during the weekend…pretty good deal!


My favorite part was probably the Koffee Klatches with David B. Coe and Jeri Smith-Ready. Both delightful people. Epic fantasy writer David Coe and I share the same editor, so we always have something to say to each other, and he's just an all-around nice guy!  Jeri and I were once on a panel at Capclave about two years ago. While there, she surprised me by mentioning that she had been at that very event with me the year before. When I said, “Oh, you must have been down the table a bit.” She responded wryly, “I was sitting right next to you.” Well, I haven’t forgotten her again! She is a delightful and charming person who writes both fantasy and paranormal romance.

All around a great weekend!


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