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That Could Not Happen To A Wonderful Person Like You!


When we last left off the “Six Year Old” now in her twenties, had graduated from college. My mom went to England for a time and then came back to her home in Long Island, NY. She worked at a number of things during this period, but mainly she was a dancer.


One day, she was downstairs in her parents’ house when she heard a loud noise upstairs.  Immediately, her father said, “Go upstairs. Your mother needs you!” – this was noteworthy because her father had been dead for some years.


It turns out my grandmother had collapsed. She had been a teacher in the public school at that period – my grandmother, who supported her family by teaching in the public schools of New York City in the 1930s through the 1950s, was a graduate of Vasser and University of London* (I think she went to Oxford or Cambridge briefly, too.) at a time when few women even went to college – but now the doctors gave her between three to six months to live. Her kidneys had failed.


My grandmother did not give up. She lay in her bed reading the Bible and Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. She may have gotten help from a Christian Science Practitioner (someone in the full-time profession of praying for others,) I don’t know. Mom prayed for her, too, of course. After a year, she was completely healed of the kidney problem, and she lived another twenty years.


However, during that same period, my grandmother developed a second problem. Many of her friends had a similar problems and had opted to have the problem cured by surgery. Only the surgery was not always successful and there were relapses and other side effects. My grandmother did not want this. She wanted a full healing.


During this time, my grandmother was in pain for two hours every day. She prayed and worked with a practitioner. This continued for over eight years.


Then, one day, she met a friend who was new to Christian Science. My grandmother told her about her troubles. The woman looked at her with eyes of love and said, “That could not be true of a wonderful person like you!”


My grandmother was healed on the spot!


For the remaining twelve years of her life, she was free and whole and lived a vibrant and busy life. (She once even used her husband’s famous boxing technique to box my father in the face when he got out of line, but that is a totally different story. ;-)


This healing was a wonderful inspiriation to my mom, and now, to me. When I am tempted to give up, to accept some problem that has not yet yielded to prayer, I think of my grandmother enduring eight years of pain in order to win twelve years of glory, and I regain my resolve!

* Corrected after checking with my mom.

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