arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggily Jig!

The plane ride was uneventful. A quiet ride to Tokyo, I spent the whole ride reading Science and Health (by Mary Baker Eddy) which I normally only read in times of stress--otherwise, I tend to read the Sentinel when I pray --but this time, I just felt like reading it. I prayed quietly for everyone I knew, one at a time. It was nice.

In Tokyo, I realized that arriving home with lots of cute toys for Ping-Ping and none for Juss (there were presents, but no toys) was a BAD idea. I found a duty free store that sold stuff in dollars. I bought a Totoro, a Jiji the cat, and a Cat Bus for the boys. This was a GREAT decision. I am so glad I did. The boys love them.

Watched movies on the plane. Hardly slept. Want to sleep again now. Konk ffeewwww...........

Er...sorry. Should not sleep at the consol here.

Okay...I have a few concluding thoughts, but I will type them up after I wake again.
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