arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Hong Kong Post 2 cut off by the inconvenience of the plane leaving.

As I was saying...the buildings were amazing. They rose like cliffs---four or five together in either a solid piece or really close together...each section built like a cross or a rounded cross, so as to give more window space. Some were flat across the top, but others...the four buildings were of different heights on a that the buildings seemed to echo the mountains behind. Also, there were a few really cool looking buildings.

As I said...looked like something Roark would build.

As we were crossing the bridge, I glanced sideways and saw this ancient myst-shrouded mountain with a jut of shining futuristic city at the bottom is very hard to explain what happened except to say that my notion of science fiction broadened. As if I saw potential I had not seen before. It is very hard to put into words, but if I ever write a sf story (I did when I was young. Might again.) it will probably be inspired by that moment.

Or, maybe I could sum it up as: It occurred to me for the first time that skyscrapers could be built by elves.


Maybe I'll keep that image to use as one of the marvelous places in Heaven when I finally get around to writing Against the Dying of the LIght. was impressive and I was glad I got to see it.
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