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China Post Twenty-Two -- The Hush That Comes After

The riot of life and color that was hundreds of orange trees, pointsetta, dragon fruit plants, and other dramatic red and green plants down at the market is all gone. Except for stalks of sugar cane and a few brightly colored gift baskets, nothing was there that had not been when we arrived.

This is our last night here in Guangzhou. Perhaps, my last post...depending upon what tomorrow brings. It is 4am here. Even the children who stay up until the wee hours are asleep...though I think I woke up the girl who was sleeping on the hard wood couch when I came out. The table is strewn with sunflower seed shells and empty soda bottles. (I caught my daughter drinking directly from the bottle last night. She shrugged and said that she could not find a cup.LOL)

What a wondrous, almost enchanted, two and a half weeks it has been. 

I am always fascinated by the march of time...the process of anticipating something, having it approach, actually experiencing it, and having it fall into the past always intrigues me. This time, somehow, more than this has been such a big undertaking. I am overjoyed at how harmonious it has all been.

Tomorrow we work out how we are going to handle our bags...whether we buy two carry-ons and get our stuff on for free...or one larger bag and pay for it. I would rather the first. It might cost more bagwise...but then we would keep the bags. A fee paid to the airport is of no future use.

And...I need to get to the post office.

Then, we are off to Hong Kong. I've checked on the price of the tickets and put aside the requisite amount. We stay tomorrow at the same place we stayed when we came. Then we have to get to the airport early on Wednesday.

Wednesday will then be some 13 hours onger for us than tis the norm. God willing, we will arrive back in America Wednesday afternoon...and Ping-Ping goes back to school on Friday. (She is already anticipating this. She was doing her homework today, bless her.)

Our experience has been so full that I did not have much time for missing...I missed John when we saw interesting sights I would have liked to share with him, but other than that, while I thought and talked about him and the boys, I did not miss them...until tonight, when I suddenly started missing the boys, all three of them, but particularly Juss. I have some good ideas for the next couple of moderating classes with him and Orville...and I really hope Orville and I can get some work done on our Spore Christmas Carol program in the weeks to come. I miss the Cherubim, too.

I thought about the Cherubim a lot yesterday because the children at the school were taking pictures of things...using his camera. Two years ago, Ping-Ping sent her pink camera to Guang Huang Zen. But he didn't like pink, being a boy. It came back to her via another adopting family, filled with pictures of him. (My one regret on this trip, packing wise, is that I did not bring a photo of John and the boys. However, Ping-Ping's pink camera has one of the family we took with Ling Shan that we have to send her. I pulled it out a couple of times to show people and was puzzled at first as to who the small Chinese boy was in the early was Guang Huang Zen two years ago, when he was still tiny!)

Back to the camera...Ping-Ping then sent Guang Huang Zen the Cherubim's dark teal colored camera...more appropriate for a boy...and the Cherubim--who occasionally is amused by things like taking 25 pictures of his foot in different settings (this really made him laugh) used my camera when he wanted one, until it broke.

Anyway, it was funny to see his camera here, being used by different children, none, I think, who knew that there was a boy on the other side of the ocean who had once owned it.

That's all for now. God bless.
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