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China Short Post BB -- Inedible

I am very adventurous when it comes to food. I will try nearly anything once. A few things, like chicken feet, I'd rather not try more than once. 

My worst encounter with inedible food happened years ago at a Zen Monastary in Upstate New York. We ate all together in a line. You brought your bowl and chop sticks. The food came down. You ate. Water for washing and rinsing came down. You put your bowls away.

I like Japanese food. I ate everything. When what looked like jam came along, I took a nice glob of it.

It was...liche, I think. Very bitter.

But I was game. Mind over Matter, right? I mean, come on! I was praying at a Zen Monastary! I could not be defeated by mere matter!

I was defeated. 

I could not get myself to finish the stuff. I just could not do it.

But I had no idea how to clean the bowl using their system. There was no place for old food you didn't finish. 

To this day, I am not sure how I did it.

Well...yesterday, I was given two substances I just did not want to eat. The first was a treat in silver wrapper. Nyooil or something...cow oil...was the brand. It was beef gelatin. I probably could have eaten it, but only finished half. Gah.

The second one was much weirder. It was a chocolate covered waffer bar. Sounds promising, right? I like those. I opened it with relish, bit into it and...

Something was not right.

I took another bit. Unpleasantly not right. I tried again. 

Then, I discretely snuck the wrapper out of the trash and put it in the wrapper and hid it in my coat pocket (It is probably still there.)

All I can say is: Imagine someone made a waffer cookie...layers of wafer and cream covered with chocolate...only instead of cream, they put in crisco. 

It was kind of like that.

Gives me so much sympathy for my daughter and her food woes in America.

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