arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

The Cherubim Goes To Church With Daddy

Part of our deal when John joined the Catholic church was that the children would only go to my church. This is because I feel that what is taught at my church is both very valuable and a bit hard to grasp, and I don't want to confuse them until they really get a good grip on it. (Obviously, when they are older, they can make up their own mind.)

I've violated this "my church only" rule for Juss by putting him in AWANA at the local Presbyterian church, but I did this for three reasons:

1) I couldn't watch him at that time -- free babysitting

2) It's just about the Bible, how much harm could it do?

3) and most importantly, the ladies at CPC are among the kindest and most wonderful anywhere. I adore them and Juss has been friends with their children since birth. 

This Sunday, however, John called to say that when he went out to the car to go to Mass, the Cherubim* went with him and got in the car. We have no idea where the Cherubim though he was going, but mass is where he went. I did not object to this for three reasons.

1) He was the only boy who sat still on Easter (except for the whole blowing out the candles thing), so I thought he could do it.

2) He wasn' t going to understand the niceties of it either way, and more prayer certainly would not hurt.

3) and most importantly, John does not get a whole lot of time to spend with the boys...and when he does, its often the clamoring boys who get the time. While an hour sitting in a pew might not be quality time for Orville of Juss, it is quality time with the Cherubim. 

So, I have suggested that John take him every week. He'll love the outing, and they'll get some time together. If he starts not enjoying it, John can stop taking him.

*For newcomers: True cherub is the singular, but it has a whole different connotations, more flying, chubby boy and less fiery wings with eyes.

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