arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Chinese Short Post W -- It's Cold!

Before going to Auntie's yesterday, we stopped by where the children at the school were having a nice meal with shrimp...possibly left overs from the big lunch. It was COLD. The dining room was not heated. I felt so sorry for the children eating in their coats.

Until I visited Auntie's and then the Chairmans...and they were all, even this big execuative with his impressive apartment and astonishing view...wearing their coats.

Then I realized what was going on.

It was like visiting NY in August. When I grew up, no one had air conditioning, because there were only about ten days in August when you wanted it, and who wanted to bother with the expense just for that. Even our cars did not have air conditioning.

It is very seldom so cold here as it has been the last day or two. The houses just don't have the capacity for heat that they would in a more northerly climate.

Still...wish I had been able to get back to the apartment and grab an extra layer of clothes.

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