arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Short Post V -- Not At Home

Having posted about the joys of the apartment, let me tell you why I am not in it.

I was sitting there at dinner last night appreciating the apartment and imagining posting about it, when Ping-Ping got a phone call. We would be going to the Chairman's house to stay overnight. Right away. From here.


No toothbrush? No pajamas? No change of clothes? I was wearing a green sweatshirt with Santa and Rudolph on it...not what I would have chosen for the Chairman's house for Chinese New Year! I would have wore my red sweater. one of those ironic twists of life, this was the only time I was not carrying my bag that had my notebook, some insperational reading, some candy, etc.

So off we went, even though we took a taxi from the school and it would have been only a short distance to the apartment, without anything.

And it was very cold. I'll get to that in another post.

Only after we got to the Chairman's and Ping-Ping asked if I wanted to go back to the apartment that night -- my answer, like everything else was that this was entirely up to her. This is her trip. I want her to have a good time -- did we realize that we could not go back. We had given our only key to Qiao Qiao (Chow Chow) and she had given it to YiYi, who had headed off to her father's for the New Year.

Her father happened to live a mile from where we were but that was not actually helpful. LOL

So...still not home. Supposed to get there in about an hour.
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