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China Short Post U -- Our Apartment

I realize there are two short post L's. Oops.

Having now visited YiYi and Auntie and the school and the Chairman's apartment, I am so grateful that we were given our own apartment, I can hardly express it!

I am sure if any of these other people had put us up, I would have been grateful that we were being provided for...but, my gosh! The ease and freedom of having a place of our own where we were not crowded or imposing on each other has been just wonderful.

Our apartment is rather nice sized. The main living/dining room is larger than the living/dining area in our house at home, but probably not by much. There is a narrow kitchen with frig, stove, washer, microwave, etc. and an attached Chinese style bathroom. Then there are three bedrooms. One small one that is Ping-Ping's, one with bunk beds (though, it did not seem to have any matresses) where YiYi stayed, and a large one that is divided into a bed area and a desk area by two HUGE cabinets that is mine. This one has the misfortune that the only light is on the other side of the cabinets, so you cannot read in bed unless it is very sunny outside. This one has a narrow bathroom with a Western style my delight.

There are also two balconies overlooking the street...used by us mainly to dry clothing.

The whole thing is dark wood with beautiful wood floors and pleasant oak furnature.

It is really nice.
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