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02:36 pm: China Short Post S -- Fireworks

People have been asking about Chinese New Year--I realized I had forgotten to mention the fireworks. 

Fireworks here seems to be about sound--loud popping noises--rather than light. We've been hearing it since we got here. A series of loud pops, usually during the day with no light show. I wonder if there will be a lot more tomorrow.

The shops are all closing up. The bakery was open, but only had boxed cookies. Nothing fresh. I bought a coconut milk tea at the place next door and then managed to find a shop that would sell me a single roll of toilet paper...rather difficult. And I bought one more sugar cane. This is my third. YiYi bought us all some the other day. 

The merchants are disappearing from the street sides. The brightly colored plants are mainly gone from the market...sold, I suppose. The merchant on the corner who sold buns and seasame buns disappeared days ago, to my chagrin. That had been our favorite breakfast. 

Everything is getting ready for tomorrow.

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