arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Post R -- Tinsel-Haired

When I was first here, someone asked Ping-Ping why there was silver in my hair. At first I thought the question was a bit is a little bit embarrassing to explain. Then, I went and looked at my hair in a mirror.

On top, there is a lot of gray coming, and I think there is no question why it was there...but there is not as much of it in the body of my hair (which is black at the top, but chestnut along the last eight changed color after the children were born, and a little of the old color is still there. Also, my hair is thin and airy and goes every which way when not contained.

So, when the sun shines on it, it looks as if I have woven tiny threads of starlight-colored tinsel throughout its dark cloud of a length. 

Kind of cool. 
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