arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Short Post P -- A Bit of Quiet Time

We have some quiet time this afternoon, with activities planned for tonight. (Chinese New Year celebration at Auntie's house.) We took showers this morning, a big deal as we have to go to the school to do it. (there is a kind of a shower thing here where you wash over a bucket...not very practical for washing two feet of hair.) The dorms for the children who live at school are on the fifth floor. we trudged up there and washed. It is a public shower, but I got it to myself. Lots of hot water. Feels quite good afterward, I must say...

My daughter then wanted to abandon me in the computer room while she played...but I am a bit more independant now. I came back here to the apartment, put our stuff away, and plan to hit the bakery I noticed across the street before going back, perhaps with a book or something. It is nice to feel free to do things.

Our time here is winding down. Not much longer. Tomorrow is the actual Chinese New Year. Frankly, I haven't the least idea what is in store for us. The next day I have to find the post office. (Ping-Ping continues to not understand why I can't mail my post cards in America when we get home.)

It is so peaceful and quite here, except for the noise of cars in the distance. It has been so restful to have little to do and not to have to cook meals. That part I wish I could do all the time. Still, I have some good idea for meals based on what we ate at the school. 

What a wonderful magical experience it has been so far.
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