arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Short Post N -- In Which I Eat I Don't Know What

It is 2am here. I woke myself up laughing...not something that happens often.

Sweet Guang Huang Zen wen out to spend money he had gotten and bought me Chinese flash cards and a huge thing of some kind of fancy tea. Really huge. It is sitting next to me now, but it is too late to figure out how to get hot water.I can't wait to try it, though. I am thinking I should Xerox the cards and send the originals to his future family after I get home. 

Well, on to the matter at hand. Actually, I am always eating things I don't know what they are here...but this one was decidedly odd. It was like a tortia with veggies and sause...maybe ham? Tomato? Then, they put on three or four layers of some crispy stuff...the nature of which I do not know. It stuck up two or three inches high. Then, this got wrapped into a wrap and cut in half. I ate half. Ping-Ping bought the other half.

It was really good...but God only (and maybe a whole bunch of Chinese poeple) knows what it was.

Then, we went to Jing-Jing's to eat...I didn't realize we were going, or I would not have eaten something else...again. So, I didn't have much. There was the boiled chicken again...only Ping-Ping poured a huge amount of soy sauce into my garlicy it was too salty. 

Then, there was some kind of tofu...but breaded and fried and in a it tasted like sweet crispy egg custard. Boy was it good!

Finally...there was...well, I REALLY didn't know what it was. It looked like velcro and soft unicorn horn. I think it might have been tripe...which is the innards and intestines of a cow or pig, I forget. 

I did not try this. 

Had I been hungry, I might have dared. But I had eaten the God-and-some-Chinese-people-only-know-what-it-is wrap, so I was not that hungry (on top of treats at the karaoki and a HUGE Chinese New Year lunch with more dishes than I was able to find room for, including scary duck--where they rounded up all the evil duck in China, took the scariest parts of them and lined them up on a plate.)
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